Snapties With Cone - Short End and Long End (Box of 100)

Award Metals Snapties are used to assure form strength and steady pour rate. Three basic factors determine how much pressure a snaptie is carrying during a concrete pour: Rate of Pour, Outside Temperature, and Snaptie Spacing. Short and long end snapties are available from us for 6", 8", and 12" wall thicknesses. Other sizes may also be available upon request. 


These tables are based on Hand Spading of Concrete;if mechanical vibration is used, decrease rate of pour or increase number of ties.?

50 degrees FAHR.       70 degrees FAHR.
A 2 Ft 3 Ft 4 Ft 5 Ft 6 Ft 8 FT 2 Ft 3 Ft 4 Ft 5 Ft 6 Ft 8 Ft
B 450# 600# 750# 900# 1050# 1350# 350# 450# 550# 650# 750# 950#
C 24" 20" 16" 14" 12" 12" 24" 20" 18" 16" 12" 12"
A = Rate of pour foot of height per hour B = Concrete Pressure per sq. ft. of form C = Tie Spacing

*Note: The tie spacings listed are the maximum permissible spacings for the listed temperatures and rates of pour. RAP-I-FORM® shall not be responsible or liable for form failures where maximum Tie Spacing or recommended rate of pour listed above has been exceeded.

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Award Metals Snapties configured with either short or long ends. Designed with plastic cones. Maximum allowable load including a safety factor of 2.0 is 2250 lbs.?
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